Fernando Orsi commented on Lazio’s next Serie A fixture. I Biancocelesti are set to meet Juventus on Sunday in one of Serie A’s most important derbies. The match takes place at the Stadio Olimpico at 6:30 pm (EST).

Former goalkeeper Fernando Orsi talked about Lazio’s chances against Italy’s current champions. Orsi fancies his former team’s odds, as long as their most important players are fit.

It’s a difficult match. Lazio is going through a squad emergency, and they’ll need to see what their starting line-up will be. Juventus is more vulnerable than in other years, but only if Lazio has its best line-up ready.

Speaking about Lazio’s current manager, Simone Inzaghi, Orsi is complimentary. The former keeper believes that Inzaghi has the players’ support and a great career ahead of him.

Orsi also praised Vedat Muriqi‘s recent contribution.

He still has to adapt to the Italian championship. With Zenit, I could see him well. He still plays a lot with his back to the goal, but he’s like Caicedo. No one believed in him at the beginning, but now he’s become a decisive player.

The former Lazio keeper also believes that the team has the strength to once again finish among the league’s top four clubs.