Gianni Nanni, Serie A’s Medical Advisor, Talks About Lazio

Gianni Nanni, the medical advisor of the Serie A, commented on Lazio’s behavior for Radio Punto Nuovo.

He clarified about the testing protocol and why they are using rapid test first, before doing the PCR test. He claims that all the rapid tests came back negative this time around.

We now got the results for the swab test and they are all negative. The rapid swabs have been placed in protocol, approved by the CTS. These test are for the virus antigen. They are made with immunofluorescence, which is very reliable. They are very close to molecular test’s accuracy.

Gianni Nanni explained the process in case of a positive swab test. 

If you have a positive test with the quick swab, you must then check it with the molecular swab (PCR test). It can be done, some have already done the test. 

The Medical Advisor of Serie A stated that there is also an issue with the supply tests. But he ensures that all players will be able to get tested after the international break.

But there is a supply problem at laboratories. After the break, everyone will get these tests done. 

Asked about Lazio in particular, Gianni Nanni praised Pulcini, the official doctor of Lazio, for his competence and professionalism, and declared that Lazio “behaved as they should have behaved”.

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