Alessio Tacchinardi: “Lazio Has Tremendous Character”

Alessio Tacchinardi, former Juventus player, spoke to TMW Radio about the match between Lazio and Juventus. The derby ended in a 1-1 draw.

He praised Juventus’ attacking duo and declared that he enjoyed the first half of the derby more than the second one.

I liked it a lot, especially the first half. Juventus have a good attacking pair. Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata are doing well. I think the Portuguese striker has found the right partner finally.

As for the second half, Tacchinardi remarked that Juventus’ attack was less intense. He also praised Lazio’s team as one of great character. Overall, the former Juventus’ defensive midfielder liked Juve’s game, but only in the first half. 

In the second half it lowered a bit. The intensity slowed down. Then came this untamed Lazio. It is no coincidence that they always score goals at the end of games. It means that they have great character. They always believe in themselves. Lazio crushed Juventus not with clarity, but with great character. I liked Juve, but not so much in the second half .

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