The president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, spoke today while at the Federal Council on the topic of the protocol that Serie A teams must respect during the pandemic. As previously reported, Lazio has been involved in a scandal regarding this…

Gravina talked about Lazio’s involvement and how to ensure that the protocol is respected by all Italian teams.

How to make the protocol homogeneous? Just read it and apply it. If someone applies it in a different way then steps will be taken against them. This already happened in the past. This applies to Lazio as well, even if it is not up to me to discuss the merits of the ongoing investigation. We will see how it will all end.

Gravina also spoke about plans to continue the championship in light of recent events. He explains the FIGC’s policies on the matter.

There is a Plan B and also a Plan C. We keep them to ourselves. Those are consistent ideas. We also made continuous comparisons with the different leagues. We look for alternatives based on the football calendar. We are in a state of emergency. In the future, we need to be prepared to face more critical moments. However, optimism must always remain in the way that we think.