Luiz Felipe’s Sombrero on Cristiano Ronaldo During Lazio-Juventus His ‘Monday Motivation’

What better way to start off the week than by (once again) taking a look at the skill that Luiz Felipe showed against Cristiano Ronaldo in Lazio-Juventus?

After drawing 1-1 with Juventus, the team is full of confidence and are optimistic, made evident by the reactions on their social media channels. Lazio managed to score in extra time in the final play of the game, as Felipe Caicedo scored after receiving a pass from Joaquín Correa.

This morning, the day after the match, the Brazilian defender published a video of his dribble over Ronaldo. His followers reacted immediately; it was not only this piece of trickery that fans were happy with, it was his great performance overall against the Bianconeri.

The published video on his Instagram account states:

Good vibes for Lazio’s Fans #MondayMotivation

You can check out Felipe’s Instagram post below; Luiz Felipe is happy with the result and said in another one of his posts that although it was only one point, it still matters as they played hard for it.

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