Simone Inzaghi Close to Securing Contract Extension With Lazio

Simone Inzaghi and Claudio Lotito are closer to coming to an agreement on a new deal for the manager; this is not a surprise. However, it looks like discussions have accelerated in recent weeks.

The delay is reported to have been due to Lotito being partially unhappy with the way the post-lockdown matches were managed in addition to Inzaghi not being pleased by the way that some of the market negotiations were carried out.

Silence on talks of a contract renewal led to speculation. However, this could end in a few months. After all, in June, the manager’s current contract will expire, and it’s hard to believe that Lazio will choose to simply let him walk away.

Inzaghi was questioned on the matter in the conference following Lazio’s match against Juventus.

Between me and the President, there is great esteem,. This goes beyond a simple signature. Now there are more compelling things with which we have to deal with which take precedence.

There are rumours that a deal could be announced within the month; but what is certain is that Inzaghi and Lotito’s relationship is a solid one at the moment and they will look to continue moving forward.

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