Lazio Intermediary Tropiano: “More Likely Now That Felipe Caicedo Will Stay With the Club”

Vincenzo Tropiano, an intermediary linked to the agent of Lazio forward Felipe Caicedo, discussed the 32-year-old Ecuadorian forward in an interview with Italian media outlet earlier today.

“Caicedo is a very generous person, very attached to his origins, to his country, he also has a foundation in Ecuador where he helps and brings children closer to sport and training. That feeling of a good giant is real, he is really a good guy and this has also helped him to establish himself.

“Today we see him in this great moment of his popularity, but he has also experienced moments of difficulty from an execution point of view, like at Espanyol. Despite this, he contributes with a strength inside the locker room unimaginable, manages to convey happiness and familiarity of a great level.

“We must never forget when, last year, at the Lazio Christmas party, he was the only one to pronounce the word Scudetto, a person who talks clearly. For those who are lucky enough to know and frequent him, he is a guy who leaves you something. He excites you.”

He commented on Caicedo’s importance to the Biancocelesti and a potential contract renewal with the Roman side. The Ecuadorian’s current contract expires in 2022.

“Goals do not only count in number, but also in importance. I have serious doubts that Caicedo was close to leaving Lazio, there were offers, but if he stayed it’s because he’s very good in the city, with Inzaghi and the team. The coach, first of all, appreciates the player very much.

“Nothing in the world would have made Lazio want to lose Caicedo. As for his contract renewal, as the deadline approaches, some choices will have to be made.

“The player who is about to sign one of his last contracts, it is good that the agreement was not signed before, because now we would also negotiate with different terms.”

Tropiano touched on how the Lazio striker is not just a player who can make an impact in the last few minutes, and how it seems more likely that the Ecuadorian will stay with the Roman club now.

“These goals are giving him a great visibility, but from a certain point of view I would not want it to become an unfavorable thing. Many now begin to say that perhaps Caicedo is more suitable for the last few minutes, but it is not so.

“In reality he is a very simple person, when he enters the field, he doesn’t show bad signs, but when he plays from the beginning, he’s also good. His physicality, in the current competition, certainly makes the difference as well as his serenity.

“His agent will take care of his contract renewal, I hope not to be asked as an intermediary, I hope he will stay at Lazio, but I think that now it will be less difficult than a year ago.”

Finally, Tropiano spoke about other Lazio deals that he has been involved with, and which ones are still ongoing.

“I must say that in the last market session I proposed to Lazio a very young goalkeeper, but I can’t name him because it is a situation that hasn’t been abandoned yet. In the next window we will see how it will go. I was also the intermediary in the Caceres operation.

“I am lucky enough to represent very important agents in Italy, we will analyze if, in the next market session, other players can be attracted to Serie A and Lazio. I’m thinking about Schiappacasse’s proposal to De Zerbi’s Sassuolo, an operation that has been concluded. I want to mention his name for this season.”

The 32-year-old Caicedo, who is contracted to the Biancocelesti until 2022, has scored three goals for the Roman club so far this season. He has netted a late winner against Torino and late equalisers against Russian side Zenit and league champions Juventus in the late few weeks.

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