Guardia di Finanza Confiscate All of Lazio’s COVID-19 Test Results

The Guardia di Finanza have seized all documentation related to the Covid-19 tests carried out by Futura Diagnostica on behalf of Lazio from May to now, according to a report from Italian media outlet earlier today.

The report details how thousands of tests and their related documentation were confiscated by the Guardia di Finanza, who do not want to give up in their investigations into the Italian laboratory that was responsible for the Biancocelesti’s Covid-19 tests.

The move is a sign from the Avellino Public Prosecutor’s Office, coordinated by magistrate Vincenzo D’Onofrio, that they are still certain of criminal behaviour taking place.

The only party currently being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office currently is Massimiliano Taccone.

Lazio claim to be an injured party in the situation, protesting that they have correctly followed all procedures, protocols and the squad ‘bubble’ plan for when a player tests positive.

Some Lazio players may be required to attend a hearing to discuss these procedures in the future.

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