Lazio Players May Attend Hearings With Prosecutors Office to Discuss COVID-19 Test Procedures

Some Lazio players may be forced to attend hearings at the Public Prosecutors Office to discuss the Covid-19 testing protocols, according to a report from Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei earlier today.

The report details how health director Dr. Ivo Pulcini attended a hearing yesterday, alongside team doctor Fabio Rodia. The pair answered all the questions from the prosecutor, who is investigating the behaviour and protocol management of the Covid-19 tests ahead of the Serie A clash against Torino earlier this month.

The hearings may not be over, the report continues, as some Lazio players could be interviewed by the prosecutor’s office as well, in order to verify the procedures and how the protocols were followed.

The Biancocelesti are starting from a state of guilt and must now prove their innocence, although the Roman side are not concerned as they are convinced that they are also victims in this situation, having followed all the respective protocols.

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