Lazio Women Midfielder Claudia Palombi: “We Are the Team to Beat”

Claudia Palombi / Lazio

Lazio Women midfielder Claudia Palombi was recently interviewed by Lazio Style Radio. The sister of former Biancocelesti player Simone Palombi, who is now playing for Pisa, she first talked about the current issues regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a complicated moment in time. Fortunately, we know how to manage it. We are in difficulty because there are constant questions about the rest of the championship. For the moment, it will go on.

On Sunday, we have an important away game in Verona against Chievo. We are in a standby phase; There is always doubt and worry. But we are doing our best to keep our spirits up.

Palombi then commented on the situation of the current standings.

We are in an unlucky moment. We have lost (in the last two games) four points that we practically had in our pockets.

We are a strong team; we have three players of international standing who have raised our overall quality.

Lazio Women is looking forward to the next games.

Chievo is an excellent, a well prepared team. We must go there with a winning mentality. We have to secure the three points, to compensate for the recent draws. Then we will face Inter.

We will have to be confident, as that’s what we lack. We can’t defend a goal and then lose hope. We must be united until the end of the game.

Our attack? It’s ok, but it needs to be improved. We are training every day to avoid mistakes.

The public should expect more from Lazio Women, as they were last year’s favourite team to secure promotion to Serie A.

This year, we are the team to beat; last year we surprised everyone – we entered the field with peace of mind, without anxiety or tension. However, since last year, we have gone from a carefree mindset to a more aware one. I always try to be ready when I go on the pitch. I want to make an important contribution because the team deserves it.

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