Luis Alberto took to Instagram today to clarify some of the statements he made previously regarding Lazio players’ wages. The Spanish attacking midfielder spoke out about the issue of money being spent within the club after the club published pictures of their new personalized private Boeing 737-300.

Hello everyone… I’m here to fix a little bit of the issues that I started yesterday. I’ve always said what I think.

Money is not everything but it’s a difficult time. I know! I grew up as one of 8 siblings.

I do not speak only for myself. I want Lazio to work for the good of all, there are many people behind me.

The player then apologized for the statements issued in the day prior. Luis Alberto had criticized the club’s decision to purchase a plane, as some of the players were still missing their wages.

I take full responsibility. Yes, I screwed up.

I always give my best on the pitch and I always will as long as I will be here. Often, I have even played injured.

I received a lot of messages from the fans. I apologize to people who felt offended. It was not my intention.

I’m not from Lazio, but I have to thank Lazio for everything they have given me.

We must continue to be a family. We have to improve and do all things right.

We continue to work and we hope to be able to celebrate more trophies.