Lazio Striker Felipe Caicedo Talks About His Career

Felipe Caicedo recently spoke to Lazio Style Radio about his recent patch of form. The striker says that he is playing some of the best football of his career and that he feels content in Rome. In addition, he stated that his dream was always to play for a top European club.

Boca Juniors were interested in me. However, it was Basel who bought me. From there, my dream of playing in Europe began. And now I’m at Lazio. I’ve always wanted to play in Italy, with such a strong team.

In Ecuador, it was not easy, even if my parents didn’t let me miss out on anything. But I was lucky to get away from there quickly, even if a part of my heart is still in Ecuador.

I traveled a lot, but at Lazio, I have found serenity. Here I feel loved and I feel alive!

Caicedo also talked about his relationship with manager Simone Inzaghi.

I admire Inzaghi a lot. He has always been clear and honest with me. He is a winner and has brought us all to where we are now. He knows how to manage us well and is able to build a strong group. This is certainly one of his best qualities. 

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