Riccardo Cucchi: “Lazio Has a Good Chance to Qualify for the Next Round of the Champions League”

Well-known Italian journalist Riccardo Cucchi commented on Lazio’s upcoming matches in Serie A and in the UEFA Champions League. He did this through an appearance on Lazio Style Radio’s broadcast ‘Diciotto e quattro minuti’.

We are entering an interesting phase. Lazio has a good chance to qualify for the next round of the Champions League. They are in good shape, but they have to focus, even if they seem to have enough points. Zenit is a tough opponent. They are an unpredictable team and Lazio needs to play the next games with great caution.

The infamous issue about Lazio’s new personalized airplane then came up in Cucchi’s review of the team. And while talking about Lazio’s latest decision to promote their club, Cucchi also made a remark about Luis Alberto.

Lazio’s plane? There are some who are teasing about this topic. But I do not understand why there were some opinions made public about Lazio’s managerial decisions.

Branding is one of the characteristics of modern football. Lazio comes fourth after big clubs, like Real or Manchester City, who have had planes with their brand for some time. It is an important step to promote the brand.

I don’t understand the meanness expressed towards this decision. Lazio is the only club in Serie A to have done such a thing.

I have a lot of affection for Luis Alberto. However, I would like to give him a little pull of the ears. This kind of statement leads to nothing.

Moreover, these comments can ruin the atmosphere and perhaps make several individuals angry…

Finally, he spoke about Felipe Caicedo, pointing out how much he has matured as a footballer.

Caicedo knows how much he owes to himself for having grown a lot as a player because of training every day on the field at Formello.

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