Umberto Calcagno, the Vice President of the Italian Footballers’ Association (Associazione Italiana Calciatori; AIC), suggested that there should be a salary cut for all players, due to the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. He spoke about this to TMW Radio.

It’s easy to read and talk about salaries, even in the media. In the first phase of the pandemic, the professional footballers did their part. We all realized how much the country was suffering.

Calcagno insists that everybody should do their part and show support and solidarity in such a time of need.

We believe that everyone must do their part. We need to separate the effects of the pandemic from what the professional world suffers, which is the lack of reforms that have long been desired.

If for ten years we have not been able to understand that a different distribution of resources than what we have today, then there is the risk of creating sterile situations even at a programmatic level.

Sport cannot be separated from the solidarity aspect, or an ever greater gap will be created.