Lazio Lawyer Gentile: “No Players Entered The Pitch With Doubtful Test Results”

Lazio’s lawyer Gian Michele Gentile discussed the ongoing Covid-19 tests situation, the Biancocelesti’s test results, possible penalties for the Roman side and more in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Radio Punto Nuovo earlier today.

Political sentences in sports justice? A little forced, but there is a premise to start from. Sports justice is an autonomous system that has rules that must be accepted according to a certain structure.

They have as parameters the code of sports justice and the FIGC directives to supervise the violations of sports law. Sports justice acts to assess these violations.

He gave his thoughts regarding the Juventus-Napoli situation. The Partenopei were docked one point and given a 3-0 loss after failing to travel to Turin for a league clash against the Bianconeri.

I read Sandulli’s judgment. I want to remember, first, the objective responsibility that no law has been passed but that we all live as so, even as in the case of the ultras.

Another problem is that of haste, there are no large trials fortunately, like in Calciopoli, but we had the first sentence on July 25th and the appeal on August 2nd. That’s not justice, it’s fake justice.

However, where you sacrifice the defense and the reliability of the trial, you have to finish the trials soon. In Napoli’s case, I wouldn’t have left Naples, I myself would have advised Lazio that health above all, it seems to me common sense.

The Italian lawyer spoke about Lazio’s current position regarding their inconsistent Covid-19 test results and the ongoing investigation.

We have two trials, one in sports and one in Campania where we’re talking only about the bureaucratic practice of the FIGC on who should report a possible positive case. Never questioned the results of the tests.

We have denounced the Gazzetta dello Sport, we know why they do it, also for the game with Torino. That’s why we have denounced them, we have a dispute in progress after this campaign against Lazio. We have a widespread awareness about the tests’ scientific process, also from the way it is carried out.

The depth of the test in the nose affects the results. It would be foolish if a president sent a positive footballer to play and then make others positive too. None of the Lazio players, whatever system is referred to, Italian or European, have taken the field with the slightest doubt.

Immobile, before taking to the pitch for the Torino game, had taken a test on Friday that had confirmed the negativity, as seen by the investigation.

Gentile spoke about the infamous N gene, which seems to be a point of contention whether it proves Covid-19 positivity or not.

The N gene is a symptom of an illness that is not unequivocally a symptom of Coronavirus. When it appears, the molecular test must be done, if that is negative, then the N gene is a symptom of something else.

The problem is that UEFA emphasize the N gene, they say that it is a symptom of coronavirus. Lazio sent the tests to the Biomedical Campus.

When the Campus said that the three players had the N gene, Lazio did the tests that gave negative results. No player entered the pitch with doubtful test results.

Finally, Gentile commented on whether or not Lazio risk relegation as a result of this situation.

La Gazzetta sows terrorism. The only complaint made against Lazio was that they did not report to the Local Health Authority, but that it starts from a wrong revision of the legal terminology, because it is the laboratory that has to communicate it.

The laboratory of Avellino has done here the tests and has given regular communication to the Local Health Authority of Rome. The complaint that was made against us by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office is because of a two-day delay.

Lazio midfielder Lucas Leiva has returned to squad training after finally testing negative for Covid-19 and being given the green light by the Local Health Authority.

Striker Ciro Immobile and goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha are still awaiting the test results, to see if they will be able to face Crotone this weekend.

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