First Report on Lazio’s 95 Re-Tested COVID-19 Swabs Expected in Coming Days

Dr. Maria Landi’s first report on Lazio’s 95 seized Covid-19 tests is due to come out in the following days, according to a report from today’s paper edition of the Milano based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

The report details how Luigi Iglio, Vincenzo Toscano and Teresa Venezia, the prosecutors in charge of the investigation, alongside Prosecutor Vincenzo D’ Onofrio, are currently working through all the relevant documents taken from the Futura Diagnostica laboratory last week.

Dr. Landi has been tasked with re-testing 95 of the Biancocelesti’s Covid-19 swabs seized 10 days ago, related to the tests taken by the squad ahead of the Juventus clash, and her first report is expected in the coming days, the report continues.

After this, Dr. Landi will then proceed with re-testing seven other Covid-19 tests taken from the Merigen laboratory in Naples, where Ciro Immobile tested positive whilst Lucas Leiva and Thomas Strakosha tested negative.

Following on from this, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will decide if they’re willing to accept a request from the defense, who are representing Massimiliano Taccone, head of the Futura Diagnostica lab. The request is to re-test the same 95 swabs again in the presence of other experts, as a showing of good faith.

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