Lazio Women Coach Seleman Proud of Team’s Performance Against Inter in Coppa Italia Despite Failing to Progress

Although Lazio Women made a terrific comeback against Inter Milano Women in the 2020/21 Coppa Italia TIMVISION this past Sunday, it was not enough to see them progress to the Quarter-Finals of the competition. Despite this, coach Ashraf Seleman says he is proud of his team’s performance.

Speaking to Lazio Style Radio after the match, he said that he is delighted with the result and the performance that went along with it. Seleman also mentioned that the draw was all the more important considering Serie B teams usually lose to Serie A clubs in the competition. He further mentioned that he did not see a difference between Inter and Lazio; the result proves that with hard work and determination, Lazio Women can take on any team.

The coach believes that promotion to Serie A must remain the club’s goal. During the last two years, the club has only lost three games; all of which to Napoli, a powerful competitor who now plays in the top tier of women’s football in Italy.

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