Lazio President Lotito Present at Hearing of Re-Tested COVID-19 Swabs: The Details

Lazio president Claudio Lotito attended a hearing at Avellino Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the results of the re-examined tests carried out by laboratory Futura Diagnostica, according to a report from Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi earlier today.

The report details how the results of the re-tested Covid-19 swabs was revealed today. It showed that Futura Diagnostica detected seven positive cases of the contagion, whilst the Moscati Hospital’s results saw 25 positive cases.

These discrepancies open the doors for legal disputes now, as well as complaints over the technical and health protocols followed by the Futura Diagnostica lab.

Lotito was not required to give a statement in the end.

Futura Diagnostica’s lawyer Innocenzo Massaro filed multiple comments regarding the re-testing process, highlighting how the tests are not supposed to be analysed after a period of three days, whilst the re-tests took place over four days and six hours.

The lawyer also noted how the tests should have been stored in special containers at 4 degrees Celsius, whereas the 95 at the Moscati Hospital were stored in cardboard boxes.

The main point is related to the amplification cycles, the report continues. These are a type of progressive enlargement of the Viral DNA that allows the virus to be detected from the rhino-pharyngeal samples.

The defense claim that the difference in amplification cycles between their tests and those of Synlab and Campus Biomedico di Roma, as well as the re-tests, explains the differing results.

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