Serie A Club Earnings From Kit Sponsorships Revealed

Merchandising is an essential part of the economics of modern football. Although the Covid-19 crisis has affected Italian clubs, financially, they are still on top of the situation. While sponsorship deals are not coming along as easily as before, most clubs have more than one sponsor to lean on during these difficult times.

Italian news outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport recently revealed how much Serie A clubs earn from kit sponsorships alone. Unsurprisingly, in first place out of all teams in the top flight of Italian football is Juventus. The Serie A champions’ collaboration with Jeep and Cygames generates €48 million. Fiorentina, interestingly enough, sits in second place. Their deal with Mediacom, a company owned by club President Rocco Commisso, brings in €26.2 million. In third place sits Sassuolo. Mapei is their kit sponsor which allows them to earn €18 million.

Lazio lags way behind these clubs with regards to revenue generated from kit sponsorships. The Biancocelesti earn just €0.5 million, the lowest amount in Serie A, from their partnership with Frecciarossa.

Below is the complete ranking.

  • Juventus: €48 million (Jeep, Cygames)
  • Fiorentina: €26.2 million (Mediacom, Estra,
  • Sassuolo: €18 million (Mapei)
  • Roma: €16 million (Qatar Airways, Iqoniq, Hyundai)
  • Inter: €11 million (Pirelli)
  • Milan: €10 million (Emirates)
  • Napoli: €9 million (Msc Crociere, Kimbo, Lete)
  • Atalanta: €7 million (Radici Group, Plus 500, Automha e Gewiss)
  • Torino: €5 million (Beretta, Suzuki, Edilizia-Acrobatica, N.38 Wuber)
  • Cagliari: €4 million (Ichnusa, Regione Sardegna, Arborea, Tiscali)
  • Bologna: €2.5 million (Facile Ristrutturare, Selenella, Scala, Illumia)
  • Udinese: €2.2 million (Vortice, Dacia, Prosciutto San Daniele, Bluenergy)
  • Parma: €2.1 million (Old Wild West, Cetillar, Viva la Mamma, Canovi)
  • Hellas Verona: €1.5 million (Winelivery, Sinergy, Trivellato, Vetrocar, Sec Ponteggi e Scaligera Arredamenti)
  • Benevento: €1.5 million (Rillo Costruzioni, Ivpc, Don Peppe, Pastificio Rummo)
  • Genoa: €1.5 million (Blanca Sistema, Synlab, LeasePlan)
  • Crotone: €1 million (Envi, San Vincenzo, Vumbaca, Viemme)
  • Sampdoria: €1 million (Very Mobile, Ipsa)
  • Spezia: €0.7 million (Ten, Iozzelli Piscine, Pediatrica)
  • Lazio: €0.5 million (Frecciarossa)
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