AIC Vice President Calcagno: “Italian Football Is Paying for 10 Years of Bad Choices”

Umberto Calcagno, the Vice President of the Italian Footballers’ Association (Associazione Italiana Calciatori; AIC), believes that the financial issues that Italian clubs are dealing with are the result of ten years worth of poor decisions.

Speaking to Radiosei, Calcagno echoed his belief that the wage-cuts that have been imposed for many top clubs are the result of long-term management choices. Also, he doesn’t believe that there’s a plan in place to make the best of the decision to cor down on costs.

It’s good to reduce costs, but I have never heard of talk regarding planning and sustainability…

Despite this, he disagrees with the rumour that players are not receiving their salaries on time. He says that that footballers in Serie A have been paid in full for September. The same is to happen for the month of October.

Calcagno is optimistic about the financial potential of the modern game. The system can absorb new funds, he believes. However, the question, he says, is how to redistribute this wealth.

Finally, the AIC Vice President, says that clubs must learn to stick together as the death of one club can affect all others. He praises the Italian national team’s players for donating €4 million; but, he says that more steps need to be taken to ensure that all clubs are properly protected.

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