Italian Minister for Sport Spadafora: “Serie A Needs Help, Reorganization Is Necessary”

The Italian Minister for Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, recently spoke about his desire to help each sporting league in an interview on Rai 2 television 90° minuto.

With regards to Serie A, Spadafora says that while the league does require assistance, clubs should also learn to better organize their spending.

He says that he understands their demands for aid, but that his main goal is to assist grassroots sports that include millions of people who can no longer engage in sports.

However, he acknowledges the importance that football plays in Italian society at large. Football remains the main source of tax revenue out of all the sport branches and deserves to receive assistance.

Spadafora also commented on the recent idea of introducing salary caps for Serie A clubs. He says that while this would be an unprecedented event, it may make sense during the current economic climate.

Besides this, the Italian Minister for Sport is preoccupied with the way smaller-tier clubs are going to react to these economic changes. Spadafora says that these teams also need to review and consider their economic decisions for the time being.

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