AIC President Reflects on the Impact That the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Had on Serie A This Year

As with other football leagues in the continent, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a notable impact on Serie A, especially from an economic standpoint. Umberto Calcagno, the new President of the Associazione Italian Calciatori (AIC), spoke in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi about the grand impact that the pandemic has had on Serie A this year.

Obviously, Covid has limited everyone, but being able to continue even in this semi-period lockdown was certainly an added value. I think the current season is as we expected it to be. Last season, we were taken by surprise. There has been great work in the Federation and also by the players, given that since May, the top players have never had a moment of rest, both with the clubs and with the national teams.

Calcagno also spoke on the economic complications this year as a result of the pandemic, including the issue regarding salary cuts across the league.

We run the risk of being too partial talking only about salaries. We need sustainability and a new economic balance. We have grown a lot in the last fifteen years, but probably in an unsustainable way. In the safety of the system, everyone has given up certain contractual guarantees.

It remains to be seen how the economic complications from the ongoing pandemic will carry into next year. For the moment, football in Serie A will continue to carry on to the conclusion of the campaign.

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