With Lazio now done with UEFA Champions League play this season, the focus for manager Simone Inzaghi and his side turns to Serie A play. Unlike last season, Lazio has not had it all go its way this season as the Italian side currently stands seventh in the Serie A table. The season is still early, but the club has an uphill battle to climb in order to make a jump in the league table towards a top-four Serie A standing.

In the big picture, former Italian midfielder Antonio Di Gennaro has been closely watching Lazio as of late and is thoroughly impressed with the work done by manager Inzaghi and the team’s current sporting director in Igli Tare. Di Gennaro spoke to Radiosei (via CalcioMercato) on his impressions of the Italian side.

Lazio, on the other hand, have been doing well for years. Since Simone Inzaghi arrived, he was supposed to be a ferryman and instead, they found themselves a leader. The work of the sporting director was also good, giving value to many players. Perhaps more could be done on the market.

As mentioned, Lazio has ways to go in its quest for a top-four finish in the league, which Di Gennaro believes that the club should have a keen aim at.

Although the Biancocelesti are a bit late in the league, they are close to the top where they can play their cards. Scudetto? A dream of many, important to remain in the top four.

Lazio sure has the team to make a strong push to another top-four finish in Serie A.