FIFA agent Claudio Anellucci discussed Lazio’s work in the Champions League, the Round of 16 draw, coach Simone Inzaghi and the transfer market in an interview with Italian media outlet earlier today.

Tuesday was a fantastic evening at the Olimpico, it’s a shame we didn’t have the chance to share this historic result with the fans. It would have been really nice, even if we’re used to it by now.

He touched on which teams he wants Lazio to draw on Monday.

They are all very strong teams. Whatever the draw, there will be two fascinating but very complicated games.

The path now will be difficult but Lazio are tough, it won’t be easy for anyone to meet them. Football matches are always played on the pitch.

Anellucci discussed coach Simone Inzaghi and his work with Lazio over the last four and a half years.

Both out of affection and friendship I am very close to Simone. We are often together, so I am biased, but in my opinion, he is one of the best coaches in Europe, if not the best at the moment.

He is little publicized, like the rest of Lazio, but he has grown a lot, also learning from some mistakes. Inzaghi makes the difference, he shifts the balance and makes the players grow a lot by working very hard.

The FIFA agent spoke about Lazio defender Wesley Hoedt, who was brought in on loan from Southampton in the summer transfer window.

Someone has to take the credit for Hoedt, he’s proving that he can fit in very well with this squad. In the Borussia Dortmund match, he gave a great performance, he was very important and has grown mentally. He is also a choice of Inzaghi, who wanted his return.

He was not entirely convinced by the signing of Kosovan forward Vedat Muriqi, who hasn’t really gotten off the ground with Lazio yet after suffering from injuries and Covid-19.

I would have made a different choice with €20 million. Having confirmed Caicedo, I would have spent €6-7 million for a fourth forward and I would have invested the rest to cover another role. But I repeat that this is my idea, maybe now Muriqi is showing he is an important player.

Finally, Anellucci looked ahead to the upcoming January transfer window and if Lazio would look to invest into the squad.

No, I think it will stay that way without changing on the market. Also, because Lulic will also be back shortly.