Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi discussed tomorrow’s league clash against Hellas Verona whilst speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference earlier today. His words were noted by Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

First, he commented on the team’s performances in the Champions League and if that’ll have any affect on their work in Serie A.

I’m delighted for what we’ve done, we’ve achieved a dream, I’m happy for the guys, the fans and the club who have worked as hard as we have.

We must be very good now to bring the euphoria on the pitch tomorrow, we will have a complicated match that must be faced in the best way.

The Lazio coach spoke about if 30-year-old Italian striker Ciro Immobile can be rested in tomorrow’s fixture.

I still don’t know how the most played guys are, after the rest day we did the offloading session. We’ll have another session today and then tomorrow we’ll have a morning session.

Immobile is one of the most tired players, he has to be evaluated like all the others. He was taken off against Spezia and Bruges, so I saved him a few minutes.

Like Luis Alberto, Acerbi, Correa and Luiz Felipe, who have just come back, he’s come from many games. We have to make careful evaluations.

He was hopeful that the Biancocelesti could look to reclaim fourth place in the league table.

I think so, we have to transfer the right euphoria on the pitch, time is short, but we have to be good. We face an opponent that is doing very well despite having changed so much.

They have a good coach, competent, he makes the team play in the right way.

Inzaghi looked ahead to the Biancocelesti’s Round of 16 fixtures in Europe.

Whichever opponent is drawn against us will be an honor. We are talking about sacred monsters of football, at the same time I am convinced that my team will not want to be the Cinderella of the Round of 16. No-one will happy to draw Lazio.

The 44-year-old Italian coach spoke about the differences between Serie A and the Champions League.

The six close matches in the Champions League have taken away physical and mental energy.  Once the round is over, we have to reset and bring enthusiasm to the pitch, it won’t be easy against Hellas Verona, who are organized and have earnt 16 points so far.

He touched on if Albanian goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha will return to the starting 11 tomorrow, or if Pepe Reina will retain his spot.

I will choose game to game, I am happy with what Strakosha has done over the years, I am happy with Reina now.

I will choose like in the other areas of the pitch, they are two great goalkeepers. Thomas is training very well as always, tomorrow we’ll see what I’ll decide, I haven’t chosen yet.

The Lazio coach commented on some of the Gialloblu’s strong points.

The organization that the coach gives them, they have players of quantity and quality. We must pay maximum attention to these aspects, last year’s matches were hard-fought.

He spoke about where he thinks Brazilian midfielder Andrea Pereira fits in best.

I think he’s a player with a lot of quality, he can play second striker. With Muriqi’s injury, we found ourselves uncovered. Andreas has inserted himself well.

Finally, Inzaghi spoke about the differences between Serie A and the Champions League and why the Biancocelesti have struggled more domestically.

The group stage of the Champions League is now over, however, we will be continuously busy in the league, we have 4 games in 10 days, after this one there will be another close one.

We will have to be more consistent, with what we have been through in the league, including Covid, we have collected 17 points. We could have had a few more.