Lazio defender Francesco Acerbi’s girlfriend Claudia Scarpari discussed the 32-year-old Italian defender and how they met in an interview with Italian media outlet earlier today.

First, she commented on their first meeting and how he won her over.

We met at the beach and I wouldn’t know what he did to win me over, he was simply being himself with that smile and that likability that he has, however I do know that since we met, we couldn’t stay away from each other anymore.

Scarpari is a lawyer and she compared her profession to her partner’s.

It may be that our professions denote a similar side of our character as well when it comes to defending and protecting what we believe in.

The Italian lawyer revealed that she did not actively follow football before meeting Acerbi.

I didn’t have a favourite team because I didn’t follow football, I was a Milanista growing up.

Scarpari discussed how she regularly watches the matches in order to support Acerbi.

In fact, I don’t miss a game and I will never miss one. I get very excited, when I watch games from home and hear the commentator say ‘ACERBI’ I get chills. When I’m at the stadium and I see him live, I’m enchanted, I feel a mix of love, admiration, pride and of course support.

She confirmed that he is also a ‘lion’ in his personal life.

Yes, he is also in his personal life definitely, he is my rock.

The lawyer spoke about his positive and negative aspects.

Positives…he has many, I’d say honest and loyal. A flaw…I swear I haven’t found any so far.

Scarpari discussed how important family is for a professional footballer.

Family is everything, it’s every person’s safe haven. Family serenity is fundamental, especially for the professional, who needs to have his head free of problems and arguments in order to be able to concentrate properly on the games.

Then I think that knowing that at home there is your family waiting for you with open arms is priceless.

She touched on what the pair eat often.

Lasagna. We cook together every night practically, a bit of everything.

The Italian lawyer couldn’t pick a favourite Biancocelesti player, excluding Acerbi.

They’re a very strong team, I haven’t got a favourite.

She revealed that she did not know the girlfriends or wives of other players.

No, I don’t know them.

Scarpari discussed what she likes most about Rome.

Rome is beautiful all around, we like the restaurants, the people, the weather, but our favourite thing is…the Stadio Olimpico.

Finally, Scarpari spoke about what she hopes for 2021.

It sounds generic, but we hope for serenity and happiness.