Lega Serie A Aiming to Resolve Revenue Dilemma

Lega Serie A is seeking to resolve a revenue dilemma regarding funds garnered from a media rights deal that was agreed to earlier this year.

CVC Capital Partners, Advent International and the Italian fund group FSI agreed to a €1.7 billion deal to acquire media rights from Serie A. The agreement is for a 10% stake in a new company that manages Serie A’s TV rights.

Per a report from Calcio e Finanza, the Lega Serie A is seeking ways to distribute this revenue amount to the clubs in the league. One dilemma comes with finding an agreement between all the clubs, especially with six clubs in the league that garnered a turnover of more than €60 million and the rest of the 14 clubs in the top flight that have netted below this figure.

More so, there are early discussions on coming to terms with Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan on preventing this trio from joining a European Super League. And more importantly, there are early talks of implementing a “COVID clause” that revolves around payments to clubs amidst the ongoing pandemic.

This will all be slated to be discussed over the upcoming Lega Serie A assembly on December 15.

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