Lazio dropped points against Benevento as the club drew level at a 1-1 final score.

The Biancocelesti scored early, but after conceding a game-tying goal, they could not breakthrough for a game-winning goal.

The result now gives Lazio back-to-back winless results in Serie A play.

Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi comes away from the result disappointed with the fact that his side simply could not add a second goal to clinch a win. Inzaghi spoke post-game about the result, with his comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

Today we lacked a bit of hunger and smarter decision making.

We played well in the first half but we had to score one more goal.

We shouldn’t have conceded that draw.

Despite the tiredness and lack of clarity, the team tried to win it in the second half.

At the moment, Lazio stands at eighth-place in the Serie A standings.

Lazio still has a fighting chance at finishing in the top four this season, but the club has an uphill battle to climb.

Inzaghi recognizes that the club has work to do in order to turn its season around.

In the league, we are missing a few points, but it was predictable. Playing so often, we have problems. I hope not to lose more players to injury…

Lazio will now take on Napoli in what may now be deemed as a must-win fixture for the Biancocelesti.