Lazio’s vast struggles this season have been noteworthy for a number of reasons. And for many, there are differing perspectives on why Lazio has not been able to mirror last season’s success.

Over much of last season, Lazio was well contention in the Serie A standings. But this season, the Biancocelesti currently stands at ninth-place in the league standings and far from being considered as a serious contender for the league title.

For one, Lazio struggled to pick up a win in its last fixture as the club drew level at a 1-1 final score with Benevento. Former Italian midfielder Massimo Donati watched the fixture and does not point the fault at the team’s gameplan as to why it did not come away from the match with all three points. Donati analyzed the fixture in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittacelesti.

Lazio had an excellent approach to the game, both in the possession phase and in the non-possession phase. Benevento instead tried to exploit its characteristics, defensive organization and counterattacks and did it well.

As mentioned, Lazio is currently facing vast struggles in league play this season. However, Donati does not believe that it is time to push the panic button just yet.

I do not see big problems except that of the team balance, which often seems to be unbalanced forward. In all this, it has achieved a goal that he had been missing for years such as passing the round in the Champions League, so I don’t see all this defeatism.

The team played every 3 days, has a lot of injuries and some players are not at the top. Inzaghi proved to be a great coach both in the game and in the management, so no end of the cycle. Maybe he just needs to add some highly motivated players in January.

Lazio will be aiming to reverse course with a strong showing against Napoli in the upcoming clash between the two sides.