Giancarlo Inzaghi, father of Lazio coach Simone and Benevento coach Filippo, discussed the recent 1-1 draw between the two teams in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli earlier today.

It is always a pleasure to see the understanding that exists between my sons, to see them on the bench to challenge each other was exciting. We parents were happy with the draw between Benevento and Lazio.

I think Filippo was too. I don’t know if Simone was as well. Lazio are so and so, now they’re recovering and I hope for Simone that they’ll soon get back to the form they were in a few months ago.

Pippo? We have a wonderful relationship. With my sons we talk twice a day. Every day for 25 years.

Lazio’s frustrating draw with Benevento means that they are now 9th in Serie A after 12 games, sitting on 18 points, five behind 4th place Napoli.