Lazio has certainly had an up-and-down Serie A campaign this season. The club has had standout performers over the season so far, including the team’s leading goal-scorer in Ciro Immobile. But with Lazio being without a signature win coupled with its ninth-place standing in the league table, it has been an underwhelming campaign for the club.

Italian journalist Enrico Sarzanini took a deep dive on Lazio’s Serie A run over the first half of the season. Like many, Sarzanini is not much impressed with the Italian side’s performances. He provided his thoughts on the team in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

There were five affordable matches on paper, which did not go as expected. These two challenges against Napoli and Milan, Lazio must bring out what has been missing in the league so far. The matches can then be won or lost but it always depends on the attitude you put on the pitch.

More so, Lazio is coming off of a 1-1 draw result against Benevento. Sarzanini reflected on what went wrong for the Italian side.

I didn’t mind Lazio in the first half in Benevento. It is true that the Champions League takes away a lot of energy but this was known. When you suffer a goal in the final of the first half, it affects you and there are seven goals that have arrived at the end of the first part of the game. What happens in defense has to be regulated; every action seemed that Benevento could score.

There was great intensity; Lazio spun the ball a lot, but it was clear that the Biancocelesti were in difficulty when they suffered. Escalante did very well; he entered with the right mind.

Lazio still has plenty of time to turn its season around, but there must be a sense of urgency from the side to begin to string together a much-needed win streak.