Italian Journalist Nicola Berardino Analyzes Why Lazio’s Recent Underperformances Have Become a Concern for the Club

Lazio is currently in need of a spark within the team. The Binacocelesti currently stands at ninth-place in the Serie A standings, which not many expected to see at this point in the campaign following the side’s top-four finish last season.

The season is still early, but for Italian journalist Nicola Berardino, he believes that the team’s recent struggles have become a noteworthy concern. Lazio has failed to notch a winning streak in league play in quite a while. Berardino spoke further about Lazio’s recent form in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittaceleste.

In these three games in which Lazio had to bring home important points, they have collected too little. These three games may be enough to change the dimension of the season.

It seemed to me that Lazio last year had overcome this lack of mentality, of personality. After the lockdown, we saw a different team, a mid-table team in terms of numbers. The future of Lazio cannot fail to depend on the next access to the Champions League, there is an excessive gap between expectations and results.

As Berardino points out, much is expected of Lazio to still make a last ditch run to a possible top-four finish in Serie A this season. Following matchday 12, Lazio dropped to five points behind a top-four standing. Berardino noted the expectations of Lazio’s top-four, UEFA Champions League group stage qualification hopes.

We are still in December. There would be time to recover the lost ground. I don’t know if we are at the end of a cycle. What has been done up to now in the Champions League must be considered. The average age is high. There is a group of players that have been going on together for years.

Lazio has work to do in order to turn the tide on its season.

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