Italian Journalist Xavier Jacobelli: “Lazio Has to Look to the Future With Optimism”

Lazio is surely in need of a spark from within the team.

The Binacocelesti is currently heading on a downward trend in Serie A play this season. With just one win in its last four league fixtures, Lazio has slipped down to a ninth-place standing in the league table. Many have already ruled out Lazio from having any remote chance at competing for the Scudetto and some are already counting out the side from being among the top-four finishers in league play by season’s end.

However, Italian Journalist Xavier Jacobelli is not counting out Lazio just yet. He believes that Lazio can get through this difficult time in league play and turn its season around. Iacobelli spoke about the Italian side in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittaceleste.

When Lazio return to play with more peace of mind and with less commitments, you will see that they will rise in the rankings. The absolute value of Lazio’s season can be seen from the return to the Champions League Round of 16. Lazio have conceded 20 goals, but some teams have taken more.

Lazio focused their energies towards the Champions League. The other teams involved in that competition also suffered. In my opinion, Lazio has to look to the future with optimism.

Lazio has two games remaining in the calendar year. So at the least, the Italian side will have the opportunity to head into the mini winter break on a high note.

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