Former Politician and journalist Roberto Rao is Lazio’s new Head of Communications, according to an official announcement by the Biancocelesti earlier today.

The 52-year-old Italian was Spokesman of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Pier Ferdinando Casini, from 2001 to 2006. He also held multiple advisor positions in government, such as Advisor to the Minister of Justice or to the Minister of Environment.

From April 2014 he joined the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane and was re-appointed in 2017, before it naturally expired earlier this year.

Rao is the replacement for previous incumbent Arturo Diaconale, who sadly passed away earlier this month.

Lazio announced his appointment in an official statement, saying:

Roberto Rao, 52 years old, journalist, Roman and of Lazio faith. He was spokesperson for the president of the Chamber of Deputies Pier Ferdinando Casini and parliamentarian from 2008 to 2013, group leader in the Justice Commission and in the Rai Supervisory Commission.

Since 2014, he has been a board member of publicly owned companies listed on the stock exchange. He has been a professor of Sport and Media and has collaborated with CONI and Sport and Health spa.

Lazio intends to take advantage of his profile as an institutional communicator with experience in listed companies and in the sports world.

Rao will cover the role that was held by Arturo Diaconale, who recently passed away after a long illness, as communication manager of the team and spokesperson of the president Lotito. In the next few hours, a presentation to the managers and the team is expected.

As far as press rumors about the figure of the social media manager are concerned, the club denies, instead, having contacted Tommaso Longobardi.