Lazio is at a turning point in its season.

The club currently stands at ninth place in the Serie A standings, but the season is still early. The Biancocelesti will have key upcoming fixtures ahead, including against Napoli as well as with its UEFA Champions League Round of 16 clash against FC Bayern Munich later this season.

Italian journalist Mauro Mazza believes that Lazio is at a crucial point in its season. A prolonged run of underwhelming performances could possibly end its Serie A top-four standing chances, which not many expected to see after the team’s finish last season. Mazza discussed Lazio’s upcoming critical fixtures in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittaceleste.

The moment is critical. The risk is that, between now and March, we can only live by thinking about the double Champions League match against Bayern Munich. The championship is continuing in total greyness. This could become the year of the end of a project, of a cycle. Unfortunately, there is a growth problem. And Inzaghi has it too who, in recent races, has not been able to assess the condition of some singles.

Now to avoid the worst, Lazio should score points with Napoli and Milan. If the knot was only about mental fatigue, then we could still have some hope. If, on the other hand, there were a physical problem, it would be serious and worrying.

Lazio still has a fighting chance at orchestrating a strong run of results in league play and moving into a top-four standing in the table. But for manager Simone Inzaghi, his side will need to quickly begin this turnaround.