Former Lazio Defender Doesn’t Believe That Inzaghi’s Contract Status Is Affecting Him

A football manager’s tenure with a club is often a short one, depending on the situation, of course. In Italy, presidents and sporting directors can have an itchy urge to get rid of someone that isn’t doing the job well up to their expectations, which is why Simone Inzaghi remaining at the helm of Lazio for nearly four seasons is an impressive accomplishment. 

However, the 44-year-old’s contract will be up at the end of this season, but former Lazio defender Giuseppe Pancaro doesn’t think the uncertain status over his future affects Inzaghi, as he stated during an appearance on Il Tribunale delle Romane

Knowing Inzaghi well, I don’t think the uncertainty about the contract renewal is affecting him. His greatest quality is always finding new motivations, and the team is with him. He has been doing very well for years. We all know how difficult it is in Italy sitting on a bench for more than two years. He has succeeded and has always won the games that matter, the finals or the challenges from inside or outside the cup. In Simone, I see Eriksson again because he has a great intelligence in managing the group.

This month, La Lazio Siamo Noi reported that Lazio President Claudio Lotito is ready to offer Inzaghi a contract extension. Still, no deal has yet to be reached by both parties. 

Furthermore, even with Lazio’s less than stellar performance in Serie A season, Inzaghi has stated that his relationship with him is good, and perhaps it is only a matter of time before a deal is done. 

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