Lazio has struggled in Serie A this season. Entering the matchup against Napoli, they found themselves in ninth place with 18 points. As the midpoint of the season fast approaching, the Biancocelesti needed a win, especially against a squad ahead of them in the Serie A table. 

After Le Aquile picked up a crucial 2-0 victory over Napoli, manager Simone Inzaghi spoke to the media where La Lazio Siamo Noi relayed his words. 

One of the first questions that Inzaghi answered was whether he thought Lazio’s performance versus Napoli was the best he’d seen of his squad all season. 

Yes, certainly in the league. Today’s and the one with Borussia Dortmund are the best; them and Napoli are two great teams.

Inzaghi then replied to a question over if seeing Lazio play with a sense of hunger and knowing they need points to get back into the top four race in Serie A makes a difference. 

Surely it has a great importance. Playing every two and a half days football has changed and therefore you have to have the right motivations otherwise you will struggle with any opponent.

After Luis Alberto scored the second goal for Lazio, the Spain international went over and hugged Inzaghi. The manager touched on the incident as it shows the relationship Inzaghi has with his players. 

Yes, I have a great relationship with my boys, they gave me a lot. We are at a time when we are late in Serie A but we know we have plenty of time to get back in the standings.

Finally, Inzaghi touched on his contract status with the club. 

They became rumors, yesterday morning we had a very quiet meeting in which we shared many things. After Bruges the president was very satisfied, today he spoke with the team saying that he was not happy and that we had to do more. For the renewal now we finish the last game in the best way, then we will have time to talk about it with more conviction.