The year 2020 was certainly one filled with highlights and lowlights for Lazio. The Binacocelesti achieved several feats such as clinching a spot in the UEFA Champions League knockout stage for just the second time in the club’s history. But the club also faced several disappointments, such as its current eighth-place standing in the Serie A table.

Lazio technical director Robert De Cosmi watched the club’s rollercoaster year and is taking away plenty of positives from the year. He is well pleased with how the club achieved several successes. The Lazio technical director reflected on the club’s overall year in speaking to Lazio Style Radio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

Analyzing 2020, Lazio have done an important path with the achievement of the Champions League, the trophy earned and the Golden Boot at home. Often the grass of the neighbor is always greener, but it is not so. We have to look into our house. Just think of Lulic and Luis Alberto who at first did not perform as expected and then became pillars for us. Of course, there is something to recover, we will try to do it by recovering important players.

As mentioned, the Italian side is currently off to a slow start in league play, which De Cosmi does not view as a grand concern just yet.

Last year, we were unbeaten for 9 months. Under normal conditions, we have the opportunity to face anyone without fear. In these two months we can achieve excellent results. All of Europe speaks of us in a certain way, with respect. We need to recover some points to stay in the top four even if this year is tough. Genoa is a tough team.

More so, the winter transfer window will soon open, but De Cosmi does not currently foresee the club making significant roster changes.

When you are not playing well, we talk above all about the transfer market. For me, you can always do better, but now we need to optimize the resources we have to better face the away match in Genoa.

Lazio sure has much to do in order to turn its season around.