Former Lazio physiotherapist Valerio Caroli, who is now the head of physiotherapy at Ternana, had to leave Rome last season due to personal reasons.

The Italian had a special relationship with the Biancocelesti, and discussed the players and his time there in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today.

I have great memories of Lazio. The locker room, the atmosphere and the fans.

He spoke about the dynamics of the Biancocelesti’s changing room.

The changing room has a thousand facets because there are so many different characters. The Lazio environment is very professional, everyone has the same attention.

The lads have a great sense of belonging, then there are characters like Radu, who are always ready with a joke, who defuse difficult situations.

The physiotherapist spoke about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on football and Serie A.

It has been a difficult year for us as it has been for everyone. There have been several things to get used to.

Fortunately, the FIGC protocol has lightened the situation a bit and we are able to work in a different way. We work every day in a serene way, being controlled and supervised.

Caroli spoke about the condition of Lazio captain Senad Lulic, who has been on the sidelines for almost a year after suffering a serious ankle injury in February.

I have spoken with Senad recently. I saw in him a great desire to get out of this situation. His was a serious injury, I remember those moments because I was at Lazio. He’s determined to solve a problem that’s not easy. It’s difficult to define the perspective.

Certainly, this long period of inactivity will not allow him to return quickly. But Senad is stubborn and tough, he has always played even with pain, aches and pains. He’s never given up and he’ll do everything he can to come back.

The Italian commented on Lazio’s Coppa Italia final win against Roma on the famous 26th May 2013.

It’s an indescribable emotion, it’s hard to talk about it. If you win a cup you should have a sense of fulfilment, that doesn’t happen at Lazio.

You don’t get complacent and there’s a constant desire to win again and reach new goals. The slogan never give up fits this club perfectly.

It’s right that it should because the world of sport is about desire and ambition.

Caroli discussed coach Simone Inzaghi, who is currently negotiating a contract renewal with president Claudio Lotito.

He is at the heart of all this. He’s a modern, young coach who has the ability to bond with the players and convey his ideas in a friendly manner. From the outside you can feel the cohesion of the squad.

The physiotherapist commented on club manager Angelo Peruzzi, who had a falling out with Lotito earlier this campaign, which has since been patched up.

The club manager can do a lot and nothing. He interacts in all the dynamics of the locker room. Angelo has the personality and charisma to know how to impose himself.

He only needs a few words, a glance to solve problems. He makes a huge contribution to Lazio. Their main task is to be present.

Finally, Caroli spoke about the physical condition of Argentine forward Joaquin Correa.

A calf injury is one of the most serious if you don’t follow the right recovery times. In many circumstances you have the feeling you’re better off than you actually are. So, you have to be careful.