Former Lazio Midfielder Cristian Ledesma Details the Importance of Finishing Top Four in Serie A

Lazio was able to accomplish a grand feat last season as it finished in the top four in the Serie A standings. This provided the Biancocelesti with a ticket to the UEFA Champions League group stage. This is not a regular routine for Lazio to finish top four in league play, unlike the likes of Juventus.

For former Lazio midfielder Cristian Ledesma, he recognizes the importance of finishing at a top-four standing in league play. In Ledesma’s viewpoint, it would grant the opportunity for a team like Lazio to improve and gain experience by playing against the best that the continent has to offer. The former Argentine midfielder spoke further on this matter in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

It is difficult every year to hit the Champions League. In Europe, they make you play more, they certainly know you, but it’s not like in Italy where they can measure you. Always playing in Europe leads you to improve, to grow with the awareness that you don’t you have the financial resources of other clubs.

The decline depends on the fact that there is not enough depth to be at the top in all the matches.

Lazio currently does not hold a top-four standing in league play this season, but there are still plenty of games to be played over the remainder of the campaign to turn the tide.

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