Former Lazio Goalkeeper Believes That the Club Currently Lacks a Team Identity

Lazio has had many point out several issues that the team is currently displaying, but for former Biancocelesti Mario Ielpo, he is calling out the team’s lack of an identity as one major issue.

Simone Inzaghi’s side has lost a step in its play when compared to last season. Several players have regressed from its top-four league run last season. More so, defensive issues have also plagued the Biancocelesti’s season so far.

Ielpo is not pinpointing a tactical issue or aspect of play as to why Lazio is off to such a slow start in league play. Instead, he is placing the blame on how the team has not established a keen team identity so far over this season.

Ielpo spoke further about this matter in comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

The situation is complicated. Lazio have been playing the same championship for many years, but when I see the team on the pitch it doesn’t seem too tidy. They don’t have a predefined identity.

Like many, Ielpo is not placing the blame on Inzaghi or on one player in particular. The former Italian goalkeeper views Lazio’s struggles more as of a collective issue.

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