Italian Journalist Mazza: “The Most Important Season Has Become One of the Worst”

Lazio came into this season with quite high expectations.

For a team that finished in the top four in the Serie A standings, many predicted that the club would go on to carry last season’s momentum over to the ongoing campaign. But this has not been necessarily the case due to its current ninth place standing in the league table.

For Italian journalist Mauro Mazza, he also viewed this season as quite an important one for the Biancocelesti but notes that it has become a disappointing one instead. More so, he is also pinpointing one reason as to why the club is off to one of its worst in recent years.

Mazza provided his thoughts on Lazio’s current campaign, with comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

Perhaps there is still a remote possibility of returning to the old path, otherwise, it must be realized that the most important season has become one of the worst. Lazio deluded itself that it could restore everything it was before the lockdown without adding important things; this mistake was fatal. Tare has done a lot, for better or for worse.

We must find the humility on the pitch and the awareness that a cycle has ended.

With plenty of games still left on the schedule for Lazio this season, there is still time for the side to turn its season around.

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