Lazio assistant coach Massimiliano Farris discussed the Roman club’s 2-1 win over Fiorentina this afternoon when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference after the game. His words were noted by Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

There’s an emotional aspect to this match, we come from two matches in the league that we played very well, in Milan, where we dominated until the late winner, and in Genoa where we didn’t bring home the full result.

The team interpreted the match well, in the second half you’re not as serene as before and the intensity drops, letting the opponent come out. All the more reason why today’s points are very important.

We lacked the serenity to manage the second half and then we missed winning a match like this, a dirty one, where the three points are important for the ranking and for mentality.

The 49-year-old Italian coach then moved onto discussing the Biancocelesti’s attack.

We make our technical choices based on the players we have available and the opponent.

We’ll see what the transfer market says, but today the choice was clear, the other strikers need to grow further and so it seemed right to field this line-up with Caicedo and Immobile.

Immobile preferred to rest in yesterday’s training session so he could be there today. It was right to take him out at the end and put in a striker like Muriqi.

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