Before the winter transfer window opened, Granada goalkeeper Rui Silva had received interest from several teams for a possible transfer deal. Silva is slated to become a free agent at the end of the season, which will allow him to sign with any team on a free transfer agreement.

Among those teams that showed interest in Silva was Lazio. A report last month noted Lazio’s interest as the team would have the opportunity to come to a pre-contract agreement with Silva as soon as the start of the winter transfer window.

However, Lazio may have lost its opportunity to sign Silva as a report from the Spanish-based outlet Mundo Deprotivo mentions that the Portuguese goalkeeper has come to terms on a pre-contract agreement with La Liga side Real Betis.

For Real Betis, it won the race as it agreed to a four-year deal with Silva’s representatives for the talent.

Silva could decide to break off the agreement and move into talks with other clubs for a free transfer deal. But unless that transpires, Lazio’s search for goalkeeping depth will have to move forward to other available talents on the market.