Lega Serie A Has Formalized Dates Resumption Date for Primavera Fixtures

The Campionato Primavera 1 was forced to stop play due to COVID-19 in November to protect the players and staff’s health.

The Italian Sports Medical Federation (FMSI) agreed with the Lega Serie A to suspend the youth competitions as they worked to identify and propose a proper COVID-19 protocol to be able to resume play.

After a few months, Lega Serie A has formalized the season’s new dates. Starting on January 22, 2021, play will finally resume after a long delay.

Leonardo Menichini and his Lazio Under-19 squad will resume on the following day (January 23, 2021) against AC Milan. With only two fixtures in January to get the season started, Lazio will have a busy February.

Lazio will play three matches in a span of 11 days, so they will have to hit the ground running after the layoff.

The regular season will end on June 16, 2021, with the playoffs and playouts following shortly after.

As a result, the season will end very late, and for some teams, the schedule will be hectic.

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