Video: Lotito, Inzaghi & De Martino Celebrate Lazio’s 121st Birthday

Lazio is celebrating its 121st birthday, and plenty of people, whether it’s management and players both from the present and pass, are sending their good wishes to the Biancocelesti. 

Claudio Lotito, Lazio’s owner, and president sent out a video through Twitter and the club’s other social media outlets congratulating Lazio and fans for their continuous support. Lotito adds that even though everyone is going through difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic, not to forget their roots. 

Dear friends, dear fans. Today, our beloved Lazio celebrates 121 of history, 121 of passion, Olympic values, respect for human dignity, and merit. In a moment of great difficulty in which the country is facing, which the world is facing due to the pandemic in progress, I would like us from Lazio not to forget our roots. 

The roots of subsidies to those who suffer the Biancocelesti colors of our behavior are not forgotten. I am waiting for you at the stadium to hug you and always shout together ‘Forza Lazio.’ Best wishes to all!

Another current member of management joining Lotito in wishing the Biancocelesti via a video through Twitter and other social media outlets a happy birthday is the club’s manager Simone Inzaghi. The 44-year-old relayed a quick message stating Lazio’s strength and eagerness to get better. 

Happy birthday Lazio for your 121 years! We are strong, and we hope to get better and better! A hug and always go Lazio!


The next person in management to congratulate Lazio on its 121st birthday is Stefano De Martino, Lazio’s communications director, where La Lazio Siamo Noi relayed his words. 

Happy 121st birthday to all the fans of this white and blue lady. Younger and younger despite the passing years. Rome is our cradle; Lazio brought football to the capital 121 years ago. Last year we lit Castel Sant’Angelo. We were the first team to do it. 

This year we can only celebrate it by holding hands in a virtual way, which is why we have collected messages from the team, managers, and those who wanted to leave us their testimony. We have retraced history through these greetings; there are many trophies between these two names, including the six of the last few years.

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