Analyzing Lazio’s First-Ever Logo Through Colorimetric Examination

In celebration of Lazio’s 121st birthday, Italian Lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna decided to engage in a task that would determine the colours of the club’s first crest. Formerly known as Società Podistica Lazio, by analyzing a black and white photograph through colorimetric examination, this emblem was able to be reproduced.

The logo in question represents a classic Swiss shield, which was very popular at the time of the club’s foundation in 1900. It was divided into three parts; the central section being white and the surrounding two sections being of the same colour.

With the assistance of Fotogramma 24, the exact colour of the other sections of the emblem was able to be discovered. The grayscale algorithm was applied; the most reliable method for determining the original colours from a black and white photograph, which has been scientifically tested at the University of California, Berkeley.

Below are the two possible options of what the original Lazio logo looked like!


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