Former Italian Defender Piscedda Details Why the Midfield Battle Will Be Key in the Upcoming Rome Derby

The Rome Derby brings much anticipation not only because it is one of the most notable derbies in the continent but also because this contest brings together some of the top talents in Serie A. More so, the fixture also provides for a tactical chess match between the two managers on each side.

Among those tactical matchups to look forward to with the upcoming Rome Derby is the midfield setups for the two sides, which former Italian defender Massimo Piscedda notes that this duel will be a key factor in the fixture.

The former Italian talent spoke about the fixture and why Roma is the early favorites, with comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

Lazio’s midfield is more technical than Roma’s. They are more dynamic.

Overall, the Giallorossi are better off, so it’s obvious that they are favorites. Then we know that the derby is a particular match that Inzaghi doesn’t have to change anything; he knows very well how to tackle a match like this.

A win for either side could be a season-defining one.

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