Former Lazio Captain Mauri Previews the Upcoming Rome Derby

The Rome Derby is inching closer and closer where long-time rivals Lazio and AS Roma will face off in one of the most anticipated Serie A fixtures of the season so far.

Former Lazio captain Stefano Mauri is one of several now-former recent players who played in a multitude of Rome Derbies, but in each one, there were fans in attendance. For this edition of the Rome Derby, fans will not be allowed due to coronavirus protocols.

Mauri notes that the absence of fans will have a grand impact on the match. The former Italian attacking talent touched on this matter, with comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

It is clear that in a city like this, the expectation of the derby is particular and different from the other parts. This match has been waiting for months and the closer you get, the more tension increases. Unfortunately, it will be a derby without fans and this will have a particular impact.

The beauty of a match loses a lot without the frame of the public. On the pitch, however, we know that it is a fundamental match, right now more for Lazio than for Roma.

Mauri also recognizes the importance of this edition of the Rome Derby for Lazio, especially as the side has had a rollercoaster campaign so far.

Lazio have had some ups and downs this year, but with the Champions, it was easy to predict.  I think it has been shown that in important matches, the Biancocelesti have played at least on an equal footing, if not even better than their opponents.

It will be a good match, very close and Lazio will play their chances evenly. Both teams will start with the idea of ​​playing the game, then they must be good, especially Lazio, at understanding when to wait and create space to attack.

A win for Lazio in this upcoming derby could be monumental for its season.

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