Former Lazio Forward Sosa: “Winning a Derby for the Fans is Like Winning a Scudetto”

Lazio will have one of its most anticipated Rome Derbies upcoming in what is slated to be a pivotal fixture for both teams. Lazio and AS Roma are both starting to build off of promising momentum with a run of quality results as of late.

Former Lazio forward Ruben Sosa played in this unique derby and knows just how important it is for the Biancocelesti to come away with a win in a clash such as this one.

Sosa spoke about the derby and aspiration to see Lazio come out on top in the fixture, with comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

Obviously, I hope Lazio will win. Winning a derby for the fans is like winning a Scudetto. I think the Biancocelesti are a good team. I see them well, they are growing very well.

Lazio has had its fair share of ups and downs so far this season, but for Sosa, he notes that form does not play much of a role in a fixture such as this one.

Last year, they were fighting for the title. This year they did not start very well. Lazio, however, never back down, they always try to win the game by attacking, wherever they go, both at home and away. There is no derby in the derby. The league table does not count.

Both teams are seeking a win in this upcoming derby with an aim at continuing to climb up the league table.

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